Aerobic Exercise and Anaerobic What It Is and Benefits 1

Aerobic Exercise and Anaerobic: What It Is and Benefits

The aerobic exercises are those in which there is the use of oxygen to generate energy, and are typically carried out for a long period and have mild to moderate, such as races and rides, for example.

On the other hand, the exercises anaerobic are those that use oxygen as a source of energy, being the metabolism carried out in the muscle itself. The exercises anaerobes are typically held for a short period of time and have intensity from moderate to high, being more associated with the gain in muscle mass and stiffening of the muscles.

Both aerobic exercise and anaerobic are important and have various health benefits, such as improved physical fitness, increased muscular strength and endurance, in addition to decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Learn about other benefits of physical activity.

Key benefits

Aerobic exercise and anaerobic are great to promote weight loss and improve fitness. In addition, other benefits of aerobic exercises and anaerobic are:

  • Strengthening of the heart muscles;
  • Improves physical fitness;
  • Increases muscular endurance;
  • Lowers the blood pressure;
  • Decreases the loss of bone mass, in addition to strengthening the bones;
  • Improves endurance cardiorespiratory;
  • Tenses the muscles;
  • Decreases the concentration of fat in the body;
  • Promotes the gain of muscle mass.

The practice of aerobic exercise is associated with a loss in calories more quick, however the loss of calories after the exercise is more intense with the practice of exercises anaerobic, in addition to that this kind of exercise is most efficient in regards to gain muscle mass and stiffening of the muscles.

So, for best results it is important that they are performed regularly, aerobic exercises and anaerobic accompanied by a professional.

The best aerobic exercises

The aerobic exercises are usually of long duration, activate more than one muscle group and have intensity from mild to moderate, and it is important to improve the function of cardiorespiratory and stimulate the physical strength, in addition to providing for the caloric expenditure. The main aerobic exercises are:

  • Races and walksthat can be made both on the street and on the treadmill and are very effective for weight loss and improvement of physical conditioning. It is important to perform the exercise so that the heart beats are accelerated, but not to the extent that a person is unable to speak or barely move. Despite being a type of safe exercise, it is important to have the accompaniment of a professional, as incorrect practice of races, mainly, can lead to injuries in the hip or knee;
  • Cycling, that can increase the caloric expenditure and, thus, assist in weight loss and tone up the muscles of the lower, mainly legs and butt. The exercises on the bike are secure and can be adapted according to the physical conditions of the person and, being a low impact exercise, can be practiced with pregnant women, sedentary people, or with problems in the joints. Learn about the benefits of the exercise bike;
  • The elliptical, also called Transport, is a device that provides movement of both the arms and the legs, enabling virtually all of the muscles and thus increasing energy expenditure;
  • Dance, which is an aerobic exercise which loss calorie varies according to the intensity and form of the dance practiced. See what are the other benefits of dance.

In addition, exercises such as jumping rope, and climb up and down stairs, for example, can be practiced at home and are great to stimulate circulation, improve the condition and physical, and work various muscle groups. Learn what are the cardio exercises that can be done at home.

Best anaerobic exercise

The exercises anaerobic, which are those of short duration but of which the intensity is higher, are practiced mainly by people who want to increase lean mass and lose fat, in addition to increasing muscular endurance, and these exercises great allies to weight loss.

The anaerobic exercise the most practiced is the weight training that, in addition to decrease body fat and promote muscle mass gain, improves posture, strengthens bones and improves the function of cardiorespiratory. Here are other benefits of weight training.

After the anaerobic exercise the body continues expending calories, which speeds up the process of weight loss. However, for the fat loss and muscle mass gain are constant and are associated with other benefits to health, it is important that these exercises be performed associated with the practice of aerobic exercises, according to the professional orientation, and with a balanced diet recommended by a nutritionist.

How to lose weight in a healthy way

Slimming in a healthy way is possible with the regular practice of physical exercises, both aerobic and anaerobic, that should be indicated by a physical education professional, and with a well-balanced diet that should be recommended by a nutritionist. Learn how to make a healthy food to lose weight.

Prior to the practice of exercises it is important to perform a physical assessment, in which they are measured fat percentage, BMI, bone density, and the percentage of water in the body, and tests that can indicate cardiovascular health and breathing, so that the physical education professional can indicate the best exercise according to the health of the person.

Aerobic Exercise and Anaerobic What It Is and Benefits 1