A Guide to Cleaning Makeup Brushes with Vinegar

A Guide to Cleaning Makeup Brushes with Vinegar

Since it’s very effective, we can use vinegar for many cleaning projects around our house. One such project is cleaning our makeup brushes.

There’s no need to worry that our brushes will smell like vinegar, as it is a natural deodorizer. Once our brushes dry, we won’t be able to smell it anymore.

When it comes to makeup brushes, we can use vinegar for two things:

  • To clean the makeup off our brushes
  • To disinfect our brushes

How to Clean Brushes with Vinegar

  • Making the solution

To get started, we need to fill a mug or jar with one cup of warm or hot water. Then, we like to add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and one-half teaspoon of dishwasher soap. In order to mix the solution, we need to stir well.

Also, we can skip the soap; vinegar and water alone can also make a good solution.

  • Swirling the brushes

Once our solution is ready, we should swirl our brushes (one by one) in it and move them around until we can see that they are clean. Then, we need to rinse them in cool water. To get all of our brushes clean, we should repeat the process for each brush separately.

  • Letting the brushes dry

To get rid of any excess water, we should use a clean paper towel and dab our brushes a few times gently. Also, we need to smooth out bent bristles with our fingers and shape the brushes. Then, by placing them flat on a dry paper towel, we should let them air-dry overnight.

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How to Disinfect Brushes with Vinegar

  • Running the brushes under water

Firstly, we should rinse our brushes under running water, making sure that the tip is facing the sink, allowing the makeup to run out. The water could affect the finish and the glue on the grip, so we should only put the bristles under water.

  • Rubbing some shampoo into the brushes

Baby shampoo is great for cleaning brushes. We can use other shampoos as well, but this type is very gentle and thus ideal for cleaning brushes. With our fingers, we should rub a bit of shampoo into the brushes. Also, we can swirl the brushes on the surface of our palm. Once we are done, we should rinse the shampoo under running water until the water becomes clear.

  • Creating a vinegar solution

To create the vinegar solution, we need to add two parts vinegar and one part water to a jar or a bowl, and mix everything. Then, paying attention to the bristles only, we should swirl our brushes in the solution for a minute or two. Once we’re done, we should place them under running water one more time.

  • Drying the brushes

Once again, we need to pat our brushes on a paper towel to get rid of the excess water. Also, we shouldn’t forget to shape them with our fingers. Our brushes shouldn’t be bent when we let them dry on a paper towel overnight.

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