8 Tips to Gain Muscle Mass 1

8 Tips to Gain Muscle Mass

To gain muscle mass, you must do weight training exercise at the academy, respecting the guidelines of the trainer and following a diet rich in proteins, being very important to give time for the muscle to rest, so that you can grow.

This care is important, because during exercise the muscle fibres, if you get injured and send a signal to the body that indicates the need for muscle recovery, while a proper diet will provide the nutrients necessary for the diameter of the muscle fibers may increase, and it is during the rest time that the muscle recovers and has time to develop.

The 8 best tips to gain muscle mass quickly and efficiently are:

1. Do each exercise slowly

The weight training exercise should be performed slowly, so that you feel the entire movement of the muscle, avoiding offsets which make the exercise easier. Check out a workout plan with exercises to gain mass;

2. Do not stop the exercise as soon as you start to feel pain

You should avoid stopping the exercise when you start to feel pain, because that is when the muscle starts to “burn” the white fibres, which are of short duration, that lead to hypertrophy.

3. Train 3 to 5 times per week

The workouts should be performed 3 to 5 times per week, this is because the same muscle group should only be practiced 1 or 2 times.

4. Eating foods rich in protein

You must ingest foods rich in protein on a daily basis and preferably with every meal, but especially after the exercises. See how should be the diet to gain mass.

5. Start training for bodybuilding

The training should be started with weight training exercise and only after that should do aerobic exercise, because as soon as there is more disposition to require the maximum of muscles in isolation.

6. To review the entire series every 4 or 5 weeks

The series must be revised every 4 or 5 weeks, by changing or adding some exercises to increase the intensity and challenges.

7. Each exercise must be carried out using 65% of the maximum load

The exercises should be carried out using about 65 % of the maximum load that you can do with a single repetition. For example, when only if you can lift a weight of 30 kg with the extension of the thigh, you should train using a weight of about 20 kg, with a progressive increase.

8. When you reach the desired goal, one must not stop

After you achieve the muscle mass you want, you should not stop exercising, not to lose the definition of conquered. Generally, the loss of muscle mass can be observed in only 15 days without training.

You can check the first results of the academy with at least 3 months of regular practice of exercises and weight training, with 6 months of the year, it is already possible to notice a good difference in the growth and muscle definition. However, the conditioning heart can be noticed in just the first month.

In addition, protein supplements or Creatine are a great option that helps in gaining muscle mass, but these supplements should only be taken according to the guidance of a doctor or nutritionist. See the 10 supplements most commonly used to gain lean mass.

8 Tips to Gain Muscle Mass 1