7 Tips to Improve the Results of the Academy 1

7 Tips to Improve the Results of the Academy

To improve the results of the academy and lose weight or gain more muscle mass it is important to first be focused, and maintain motivation to achieve the goals to which they committed, avoiding missing in the lessons and feeding well so that the workouts are efficient.

It is important to not only train, but also to ensure a diet that promotes muscle growth and provides energy, nutrients, carbohydrates and proteins. The workouts in the gym can be bantaste demanding, and therefore it is very important to ensure that you have all the energy sources required to carry out the training until the end, ensuring a good recovery.

7 Tips to Rock at the Gym

So, some simple tips that will help you to improve the results of the academy include:

1. Never train on fasting:

Fasting can cause hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar levels that diminish the income during the workout and decrease the gain of muscle mass;

2. Drink a natural orange juice before the workout

The orange juice 30 or 20 minutes before workout gives you the energy needed for the workout, so you burn fat and gain muscle mass and prevents the body’s use of muscles as a source of energy;

3. Eating foods rich in protein

Eating foods rich in protein in the first 30 minutes after the workout, such as yogurt, tuna salad, or chicken sandwich, for example: proteins help in the rebuilding and growth of muscle mass;

4. Drink water, coconut water or sports drinks during your workout:

These drinks serve to hydrate the body, to recover the amount of water lost during the workout, increase muscle endurance, preventing injuries, such as contractures or ruturas muscle. Here is an Isotonic natural to take during the workout;

5. Change exercises often:

Change the routine of exercises according to the physical evolution, and the guidance of physical trainer is that the muscle has more time to recover. In addition, this promotes muscle growth and prevents the risk of injury.

6. Gradually increase the load of the weights:

The gradual increase of the load of the weights in accordance with the guidance of the fitness coach, encourages better muscles, making them grow more quickly.

7. Expect (at a minimum) 1 day to train the same muscle groups:

For example, if today trained arms, tomorrow must train legs. This helps the muscles recover from a workout, avoiding injuries and overload.

If these tips are followed correctly, it is possible in this way to improve the results of the academy, which can be visible more quickly than expected.

7 Tips to Improve the Results of the Academy 1