7 Tips for Not Giving Up on the Academy 1

7 Tips for Not Giving Up on the Academy

In the early days of the academy, it is normal to feel excited and engaged in weight loss or exercise the body, but with the passage of time, the workouts can become boring and the results take a long time to appear, leading to discouragement and the desire to leave the academy.

Therefore, it is important to keep the focus on goals, motivation, and celebrate each small achievement, since the results do not appear from one day to the other. See what are the 7 tips to keep motivated and not give up of the academy:

1. Establish goals real

Start setting goals simple and easy to achieve and only then establish goals more difficult to achieve, because to be very ambitious right from the start, you can easily get frustrated and give up on the academy.

For example: if the goal is to lose weight 5 kg, to establish as a goal to lose 1 to 2 kg in a month and not 5 kg at once, it is a goal easier to achieve and more realistic, giving strength and encouragement to continue to lose the remaining weight to reach the goal.

2. Make the academy more fun

One of the reasons of dropout of the academy is because it becomes uninteresting or boring. Thus, it is important to vary of sports or exercises, by choosing those that you like most or you find most fun, so that it is a pleasure to be in the academy.

For example: if your workouts at the gym are composed of includes cardio or strength training, vary and do classes, zumba or spinning or trying out sports as football or volleyball, for example. In addition, at the beginning, to ensure that you have the energy to finish the workout can also be a challenge, being in these situations, recommended the use of energy drinks that hydrate and provide energy.

3. Listen to the songs that you like most in the academy

Create a playlist of favorite songs and listen to them at the gym is very motivating, because when you like the music, the brain makes the body respond positively to exercise, being also possible to move and exercise to the rhythm of the music, at the same time that hears it.

4. Write down all of the achievements

Write down all the achievements that have already been achieved since you started going to the gym is a great tip for gaining motivation and continue the practice without giving up, because it is a proof that the exercises and workouts are helping to achieve the objectives, and that it is making progress.

For example: write on the mobile phone, in a journal or just a notepad slimmed 1 kg, decreased size of the clothes, wearing now the 38 instead of 42, or that now has already managed to do 50 crunches instead of 5.

5. Working out with true friends

Invite friends, neighbours or work colleagues to attend the same academy helps maintain the commitment to physical activity and, in addition, make your workouts more fun and enjoyable, it appears that the time passes more quickly.

6. Be rewarded for the effort

After you achieve a goal, give a reward to yourself, such as buying new shoes, putting new music to listen to during workouts or buy a new outfit to train, for example. It is important that, in case the goal is weight loss, the reward is not food calories, such as cakes or chocolate, since it may impair the results achieved.

7. Celebrate the new body

Compare the differences in the body before entering the academy, and after 2 to 3 months of exercise help keep the motivation in training and not to give up, to be a real proof that the effort is worth it.

For example: try old-fashioned clothing and see the differences, compare old photos with the latest photos, or take photos with clothes fairer and of a smaller size and then be able to compare.

7 Tips for Not Giving Up on the Academy 1