7 Ideas to Renovate Your Room

Give a refresh to your room and create a revitalizing atmosphere! You don’t know where to start? Here I share some ideas:

7 Ideas to Renovate Your Room

Painted with soft colors

Pallets of soft tones are trend and go great in bedrooms, so would not be more feel use a combination with this kind of colors if you want to renovate the space with a modern and elegant sense. Don’t forget to integrate fun POPs of color and geometric shapes. The latter can get it with foil wallpaper, rugs or pads.

Test with other materials

The textures play an important role in the decoration, so we suggest you to try with different materials. Curtains of blanket and plush carpets are great choices, that in addition to helping revitalize the stay, will be useful to increase comfort in the bedroom.

Place pictures in black and white

An excellent resource when you want to create an elegant atmosphere with a retro touch, especially in rooms with light colours. Get white frames, add photos or pictures in black and white, and voila! The result will surprise you, we guarantee it! Do you want something more glamorous? Place golden metallic accessories!

Add glass accessories

Although it is a simple idea, the quota of aesthetics which brings in the decoration of the space simply to place accessories, glass, especially if this is emerald or Turquoise is surprising. Try with a pair of vases and complemented with the seasonal flowers. You declare you stays with a natural touch lover? Then don’t hesitate to implement this tip!

Change pads

Another easy proposal and which produces a substantial change in the atmosphere. Change those old and boring cushions by cushions whose designs have prints of geometric figures (such as triangles, which by the way are trend). Not descartes patterns chevron, that are still present in the interior design of the following year.

Buy a duvet

If you decide to change pads, it wouldn’t be too bad you to do the same thing with the quilt. New account, geometric figures are trend, although you can also bet on quilts with patterns of stripes, with prints inspired by natural stones or by those with accents of vibrant colors, preferably with white backgrounds. Additional Tip: seeks to acquire models that you can use by both sides, you have more options for the configuration of the Chamber.

It relaxes and highlighted with lighting

Lighting is a key element to produce a relaxed, friendly atmosphere for relaxation. Good lighting will highlight the architectural features such as the tones and textures of the walls and floors, commonly protagonists in the room. We suggest you opt for systems that emit soft and warm lights and supplement with table or wall lamps to increase the level of lighting according to the occasion.

Suggested models:

  • YDLED-430/6W/30/B
  • YDLED-462/6W/30