7 Exercises to Set the Belly Without Abdominal 1

7 Exercises to Set the Belly Without Abdominal

To define the abdominal muscles you can perform different exercises of the abdominal traditional, that can cause pain in the back or neck and can damage the column. Some examples of exercises that also define the abdominal muscles are the straight leg raising, scissors, and the bike in the air.

However to define the abdominal muscles should reduce to a minimum the belly fat because the abdominal muscles are small and narrow and any layer of fat can hide them.

Here’s how to do a healthy diet to lose fat: Diet to lose belly.

6 examples of exercises that also define the belly are:

1. Board

Lying belly down, stretch your arms and lift the body from the ground as shown in the image. Support the weight of the body on the hands and feet. To be able to keep still in this position it is important to contract the abdominal and back muscles.

2. Straight leg raising

Lying belly up, place the hands underneath the buttocks and lifting both legs stretched at the same time.

3. Bridge

Lying belly up, lift your hips from the ground, forming a bridge with the body. Repeat this movement 10 times in a row, slow and controlled.

4. Bike in the air

Lying belly up, put your hands beside your body, raise your legs and do the cycling motion, as if you were pedaling in the air.

5. Climber

Support your arms and the tips of the feet on the ground and alternately reach one of your knees close to the chest. Do this exercise for 30 seconds and then go increasing the time progressively.

6. Bridge with elevation of the leg

Lying belly up and with the hands along the body, raise the hips from the floor and then raise one of the legs straight, as shown in the image.

7. Hipopressiva

These exercises strengthen all the muscles of the central region of the body, being useful to improve posture and improve body contour. However, when the individual has a high index of body fat is necessary to follow a low-calorie diet prescribed by a nutritionist and do cardio exercises because they spend a lot of energy, using the accumulated fat as the main source of energy.

A coach may suggest other exercises to do at home or at the gym, and also a complete series to burn fat and increase the muscles. Here’s 3 tips to find pleasure in the academy.

Because you need to lose belly

It is important to lose belly because the fat accumulation in the belly increases the risk of developing heart disease. 

7 Exercises to Set the Belly Without Abdominal 1