6 Benefits of Stand Up Paddle for Health 1

6 Benefits of Stand Up Paddle for Health

The stand up paddle is a sport derived from surfing, where it is necessary to stand on top of a surfboard, in the water, while using a paddle to move around.

Although it is a sport easier and safer for surfing, stand up paddle boarding is also a great way of working the whole body, stimulating especially the balance and muscle development, in addition to ensure several hours of fun.

Since it is relatively easy, this sport can be done at all ages, depending on the intensity level. The easiest way is to paddle on the surfboard on a beach or lake calm, but the intensity can be increased when it is done in a river with current or in the sea with some waves.

1. Improves balance

This is probably the ability that you feel more lack, when you start to practice stand up paddle, this is because to be standing on top of a surfboard unstable it is very important to have an excellent ability to balance, to avoid falling in the water.

Thus, with the increase in the practice of the sport, the balance will be a lot of work even to stay on top of the plank is no longer a challenge. However, even after you are able to stay on his feet, the muscles of the whole body continue working, tapering increasingly the balance.

In this way, the stand up paddle boarding in addition to being an excellent sport for the young, it is also great for the elderly, since it is common to lose balance with aging.

2. Develops all the muscles

This is the main reason why stand up paddle boarding is a great exercise for fitness, because almost all the muscles of the body are used at some point, especially in the constant work to maintain balance.

However, in addition to working the legs and trunk to maintain balance, this sport also works the arms and shoulders in the exercise of paddling the surfboard, for example.

3. Help to lose weight

The stand up paddle is an exercise that can burn up to 400 calories in just one hour, making it ideal to burn excess fat while increases the amount of muscle. Thus, if associated to a balanced diet, the practice of this sport can help you lose weight quickly.

4. Relieves the joint pain

Although it may seem like a complicated exercise, stand up paddle actually it is quite simple and does not cause severe impacts in the joints and, therefore, does not cause inflammation of the tendons, ligaments or joints.

In addition, as an aid to lose weight and lose weight, it also reduces the pressure on the joints, relieving the aches and pains in places more problematic, such as the back, knees and ankles, for example.

5. Reduces stress

The benefits of this sport are not only physical, being a great way to improve mental health. This is because any type of exercise helps the body release more endorphins, which are hormones that increase the feeling of well-being, happiness and relaxation.

On the other hand, some studies show that being surrounded, the safe way, water helps the mind to release stress accumulated during the day and create a sense of calm.

6. Improves heart health

The stand up paddle has a component of cardio similar to other exercises such as running, swimming or walking. Thus, the cardiovascular system is stimulated and improved over time, reducing the chances of having serious problems such as STROKES or heart attack.

6 Benefits of Stand Up Paddle for Health 1