5 Pilates Exercises Against Back Pain 1

5 Pilates Exercises Against Back Pain

These 5 Pilates exercises are suitable for people who suffer with back pain, which appears sporadically and should not be performed during the pain, but as a form of treatment to prevent the return of pain in the back.

To perform these exercises must be with a clothing that allows mobility and remain lying on a surface that is firm, but comfortable. The ideal is that these exercises are performed on the floor on a mattress gymnastics, as shown in the following images, and although they can be performed at home, should initially be guided by a physical therapist or Pilates instructor.

Pilates exercises for beginners

The exercises best suited for those who have back pain and have never practiced Pilates are:

Exercise 1

You should be lying face up, with legs bent and slightly apart. The arms should be along the body and from that position, you should raise the trunk floor, maintaining the position that shows the image. The exercise is to perform small movements with the arms stretched, up and down.

Exercise 2

Still lying face up and with the legs bent and slightly apart you should stretch only one leg, sliding the heel along the floor, until it is fully stretched, and then left again to the leg. Make the move with 1 leg at a time.

Exercise 3

Lying face up, lift a leg at a time, forming an angle of 90 ° with the hip, as if you were putting the legs on a chair imaginary. The exercise consists in playing only with the tip of a foot on the ground, while the other leg remains stopped in the air.

Exercise 4

From the seated position with legs bent and feet flat on the floor, lift the arms up to the height of your shoulders and let your hips fall back, controlling very well the movement does not overbalance. Keep the arms and legs stops at that position. The movement must be only from the hip rolling to the back and then to the initial position.

Exercise 5

Lie on the floor while keeping the legs bent and slightly apart. The following take just one leg in toward the chest and then the other leg, maintaining the position that shows the image for 20 to 30 seconds, and then release your legs and place your feet on the floor, keeping the legs bent. Repeat this exercise 3 times.

These exercises are especially indicated in the case of back pain because they strengthen the abdominal muscles and the muscles of the back that are essential for the maintenance of good posture, both sitting as standing. However, a physical therapist or Pilates instructor can recommend other exercises depending on the type of limitation that the person has, taking into consideration also other factors such as the presence of osteoporosis, and other joint pain, and respiratory capacity.

5 Pilates Exercises Against Back Pain 1