5 Exercises to Stay With the Belly Ever 1

5 Exercises to Stay With the Belly Ever

Here are some Pilates exercises that you can do at home, by following the guidelines that we give here. These work quite the abdominal, toning the muscles of the center of the body but must be done perfectly to achieve the desired goal.

If you have neck pain, do the exercises without raising the head, keeping it well supported on the floor and remember to keep the shoulders well relaxed. In this case the exercises are easy to do and, therefore, the results may take longer to appear, but at least you will not affect your cervical spine.

The plank abdominal consists of standing in the same position, with only the feet and hands (or elbows supported on the ground) for at least 30 seconds, repeating the exercise 3 or 4 times, but if you prefer, you can stay for 1 minute each time.

Exercise 2

You should lie face up and bend the legs as shown in the image. Take the head and torso gently to the floor, raising the hands to 10 cm from the floor, while contracting the abdominal. The movement must be performed with the hands up and down, with movements quick and short. Count up to 100 movements with the hands.

Exercise 3

Lying belly up and with your knees bent, you must raise the two legs as if these were hostels on a chair imaginary. Take the head and the trunk floor and stretch one leg at a time in the air. Do each movement 10 times.

Exercise 4

Lying belly up, bend your legs as in the first exercise, and take the whole body of the floor and then straighten the leg, keeping the feet as a dancer. When you reach this position that shows the image stay in that position and then make the same small movements with your hands and count to 100 movements with the hands.

This series of exercises is only a sample of what you can do in a Pilates class. However, these exercises can be done at home up to 5 times per week.

Exercise 5

The exercise consists in standing still in this position for at least 30 seconds for each side. Remember, keep the body straight and leave the hand in the same direction of the feet. If you feel pain in the shoulder do not do this exercise.

If you are overweight or too fat in this region it is also important to tailor the diet, following a diet with less fat and calories. To burn more calories you should do some physical activity such as walking, running, cycling, skating, or playing ball, for example. You will burn more fat if you do the exercises in Pilates after you do these exercises.

5 Exercises to Stay With the Belly Ever 1