5 Best Exercises to Do During Menopause 1

5 Best Exercises to Do During Menopause

Practicing exercises regularly is a great strategy to burn fat and improve mood in menopause, but in addition, physical activity brings benefits such as decreased risk of heart disease, strengthen bones, combat the sudden changes of mood and also the nervousness and insomnia, so common in this phase.

Physical activity regular releases still endorphins in the bloodstream, promoting the well-being both physical and emotional, contributing to the woman to feel more comfortable and more confident, but to take advantage of all these benefits is indicated to do exercises at least 2 times per week with duration of 1 hour or daily for 30 minutes, at an intensity that is able to increase the heartbeat.

Some examples of good exercises to do during menopause are:

1. Walk

The walk can be held close to home in the wake of the academy or on the edge of the beach or the lake. It stimulates the replacement of bone and preserves the elasticity of the arteries and still burns calories, contributing to the maintenance of ideal weight.

2. Water aerobics

The water aerobics classes are an excellent choice of physical activity in menopause because it works the whole body and does not cause damage to the joints. In addition, you do not need to be bothering with the sweat because the water cools the body.

3. Dance

The dance classes enhance motor coordination and the notion of space, in addition to promoting the well-being and socialization. If you have never danced in your life, you may experience some type of dance that you enjoy such as Latin dancing or even ballroom dancing. Zumba classes in gyms are also a good option to keep the body active.

4. Pilates

Pilates exercises with a foam mattress are excellent to increase flexibility and keep the muscles well durinhos. In addition, the classes are more peaceful and don’t promote so much perspiration, and even the exercises help improve the strength of the muscles of the pelvic floor, fighting against and preventing urinary incontinence, improving the libido and the intimate contact.

5. Bodybuilding

tend to be more fragile and brittle at this stage of a woman’s life. In addition, the exercises can be adapted and made more slowly to decrease the heat waves of menopause.

The exercises, when practiced regularly, are very effective to control blood pressure that tends to increase during menopause. With the pressure under control there is a lower risk of heart disease, and consequently suffer a heart attack. Although some exercises can be performed alone or at home, the ideal is to be accompanied by an instructor’s physical so that he is aware of the correct execution of the exercises and the changes in heart rate.

5 Best Exercises to Do During Menopause 1