5 Best Exercises for Strengthening Bones 1

5 Best Exercises for Strengthening Bones

The best exercises for those who have osteoporosis are weight training, walk or dance for example, because they are activities that help slow down the loss of bone mineral, avoiding the risk of fractures in bones. The practice of physical exercise in osteoporosis helps to increase muscle strength, improves balance and posture, relieves pain, improves the feeling of well-being and assist in the execution of daily tasks and activities such as tidying up the house or cooking, for example. In addition, physical activity is essential for the strengthening of the bones, because it ensures the entry of calcium in the bones. However, if the patient is with severe osteoporosis, or too much excess weight, the doctor may prefer that he not do any exercise until the bones are stronger, in these cases physical therapy can help strengthen the bones. Learn how to make exercises of physical therapy for osteoporosis, if you do not feel able to do any of the activities suggested here. In this way, the best exercises for those who have osteoporosis include:

1. Walk

The walk helps increase bone density, making the bones become stronger. In addition, this exercise improves balance and coordination, decreasing the risk of falls and consequently of fractures. Individuals with osteoporosis should make walking at least 30 minutes, daily.

2. Dance

The dance works directly on the bones of the legs, hips and spine, helping to slow the loss of bone mineral. In addition, it improves the blood circulation and the heart.

3. Climbing stairs

Climbing stairs is also a great exercise for osteoporosis, being recommended to replace all of the elevators for the stairs, especially on the descent, because the impact is greater and, therefore, there is greater stimulation of the production of bone mass.

4. Gardening

Gardening is also a great exercise for osteoporosis, provided that it is maintained the correct posture, because it implies that you do impact movements such as cutting the grass or use a pruning shear to cut the plants, for example, that will help to strengthen the bones. Gardening is a great exercise to strengthen the bones of the arms.

5. Bodybuilding

Strength training exerts tension in the muscles and bones, helping to increase bone density and strengthen the bones and the weight lifting is excellent to foster the formation of strong bones and healthy. Other exercises like swimming, aqua-aerobics, cycling, yoga, or tai chi chuan, although it does not increase bone density, improve cardiovascular function, as well as the concentration, balance and strength, helping to decrease the risk of falls. Before practicing any exercise, it is important to consult the physician to assess the bone density and adapt the exercises to the physical fitness and age of the patient. When you stop making Exercises for osteoporosis should stop being made when there is inflammation or pain during exercise or for more than 24 hours after the exercise. In these cases, you should seek medical advice immediately to assess the situation, identify the cause and guide appropriate treatment. Exercises less recommended

The exercises unless recommended for osteoporosis include:

  • Exercises with high impactsuch as jumping, running or aerobics, since it can lead to fractures in the bones;
  • Exercises in bending and torsion:for example playing with the fingers on the feet or do crunches, for example, because there is a greater risk of compression fractures of the spine. Other activities that may require having to bend or twist forcefully at the waist are golf, tennis, bowling and some yoga positions.

These exercises, although least recommended, can be made, according to the severity of osteoporosis and the weakening of the bones of the individual. For this reason, it is recommended to always consult the doctor before practicing any exercise for osteoporosis.

5 Best Exercises for Strengthening Bones 1