5 Benefits of Running in the Water 1

5 Benefits of Running in the Water

Running in water is a great activity to lose weight, tone muscles, improve posture and decrease the belly, being especially indicated for people who are very overweight and the elderly who need to make an activity without damaging joints, as happens in the race on the street.

The race in the water, also known as deep running, can be performed on the beach or in the pool but to exercise even more the legs, increasing the benefits, you can use pesinhos in the cinnamon. As the water offers plenty of resistance to the movements, makes this training session is a good aerobic exercise and, therefore, help to improve the capacity of the heart and respiratory rate, leading to an average expenditure of 400 calories for every 45 minutes of running.

The benefits of the race on the water include:

  1. Lose weightalready that requires a high energy expenditure;
  2. Protect the joints, avoiding diseases such as arthritis or osteoarthritis;
  3. Improve posture, balance and flexibility, as it requires that you keep the spine straight;
  4. To increase the strength and endurance of the muscles, especially of the arms, legs and abdomen;
  5. Decrease the swelling of the legs, because they help drain the fluids that accumulate in the back of the ankle;

In addition, running on the water, it causes relaxation and brings a sense of well-being, which can help individuals with issues of anxiety and depression.

The race in the water can bring benefits to all ages, but is especially indicated for:

  • Sedentary individuals, who want to start the practice of physical activity;
  • Who is with excess weight,because it prevents injury;
  • The elderly,since it is possible to manage the physical effort more easily and decreases the risk of arthritis or arthrosis;
  • Menopause because it decreases the heat;
  • Patients with chronic pain, with fibromyalgia;
  • Pregnant, since the body weight in the water is lower.

However, in any of the cases before the start of the race in the water it should go to the doctor to do tests and know if you are ready to perform exercises.

How to start the race in the water

To start the race on the water look for a pool where the water height is up to the knees or stay in the shallow water of the beach. The more high is the height of the water, the more difficult will be the exercise, so start with the easiest.

Start running slowly, but keep the pace. Start with training 2 times per week, with duration of 20 minutes. From the second week, increase the intensity of the race on the water for 40 minutes, 3 times a week and go progressively increasing.

In addition it is also important to drink water or an isotonic type gatorade to ensure hydration, and continues with a willingness to run.

5 Benefits of Running in the Water 1