3 Exercises Crossfit for Beginners 1

3 Exercises Crossfit for Beginners

Exercises-for beginners in crossfit help adjust the posture, and learn some basic movements that will be required from time to time in most of the exercises. Thus, it is a great way to strengthen some muscles and to avoid injuries in training heavier at the gym, for example.

The crossfit is a workout that aims to improve physical capacity through exercises that mimic the movements of the day-to-day, using body weight and some equipment such as bars, ropes, balls, medicinal, rubber bands and rings. This type of training exercise various muscles, joints and tendons, helping to lose fat, tone muscles and develop strength and flexibility.

All people can do crossfit, because the degree of requirement can be adapted according to the capacity of each person, but it is important to consult a doctor before starting any type of exercise is new.

Workout of crossfit for beginners

The workout crossfit is often a training short, ranging between 20 to 45 minutes, but it is very intense and flexible, since one can adapt the workout to your abilities, increasing or decreasing the number of repetitions of each exercise or loads of equipment that uses.

1. Burpee

The burpee is a simple exercise that works the whole body and does not require the use of material and, therefore, can be done anywhere. During the burpee, you exercise the back, chest, legs, arms and butt, while at the same time, helping to lose fat and weight, it requires a huge expenditure of energy.

So, to do this exercise you should:

  1. Stay on feet:you must keep your feet aligned with your shoulders;
  2. Lower the body to the ground: throwing the feet back and bringing the body towards the floor, resting his hands;
  3. Stay in position plank: playing with the chest and thighs on the floor;
  4. Up:climb up the trunk, pushing with your arms and stand up, giving a small jump, and stretching the arms.

Then, you should repeat these movements as many times as necessary, to to do between 8 and 12 burpees. It is important to seek to maintain the rhythm during the execution of the burpees for the results to be more quickly achieved.

2. Abdominal

The exercise of the abdominal, or sit up, it is a great exercise to work the belly and tone the muscles of the abdomen, and to do it properly this exercise you should:

  1. Lie on the floor:the person must lean back and bend the knees, supporting your feet on the ground;
  2. Raise the back:it is necessary to lift the trunk towards the knees and go back down the trunk until the back of your shoulders touch the floor.

During this exercise the person can cross the arms along the trunk, or to follow the movement of the trunk with the arms swinging.

3. Squat

The squat, also known as the squatis an exercise very complete, since it exercises the thighs, belly, back and butt at the same time. Know how to correctly do a squat is essential since it helps to lose weight, tone up all the muscles and increase the flexibility of the joints. This way, you should:

  1. Stay on feet:pull away from the feet to the width of the shoulders;
  2. Bend the knees:the knees should be flexed, playing the hip down,until you exceed the line of the knee and push your butt back as if you were sitting in a chair, keeping your back upright. During the exercise, the knees should not go to the front of the line of the toes;
  3. Extend your legs:you should stretch your legs, which are folded, to return to the starting position, doing strength with your heels in the straight-forward and contracting the buttock, until you stand on it.

During the execution of the squat, the arms must be moved to the rhythm of the exercise. In addition, the squat can also be done with bar or dumbbells, increasing the difficulty of the exercise and, improving the results.

Benefits of training Crossfit

The workout of Crossfit has many benefits for the body and health, such as:

  • Improves breathing and increases the capacity of the heart;
  • Tones up all the muscles of the body;
  • Help lose weight;
  • Decreases fat mass and increases lean mass;
  • Increases strength;
  • Helps to increase flexibility and coordination;
  • Improves mobility and balance.
  • Decreases stress and increases self-esteem.

The person who does crossfit to improve the functioning of your body through the workout, improves your body posture at home and at work, as this type of training includes functional movement, which are the ones that need to make daily activities, such as downloading or climbing stairs, for example.

In addition, it is essential to associate a diet rich in foods with protein lean meat, such as chicken, turkey or fish, grains, such as peas or beans, as well as fruits and vegetables. See how to make this type of diet for crossfit.

3 Exercises Crossfit for Beginners 1