10 Trends in Men’s Winter Fashion

When we talk about trends that make clear the real meaning: it is about what the shops will offer and you purchase if you want. No one should feel excluded or unhappy if that is high for winter does not match with your expectations or with your personal taste, because the trade is not silly and always offers other alternatives and basic collections to meet anyone who doesn’t adhere to the hype.

10 Trends in Men's Winter Fashion

While some websites and magazines have based their guesses on the runways, I prefer to stay with what’s appearing in campaigns and on the previews of the stores old well-known and more close to reality, see below:

Trends of the Winter in Men’s Fashion

1 – Color for the winter

The palette is simple and serious, many brands are investing in the grey combined with the marine (again) in addition to the hues found in the clothing the military (again) with a few appearances in occasional wine. The biggest news is the palette of browns that will serve to give some contrast with the other, but this also is not new, perhaps the highlight is the migration of these colors – before common in pants and shorts – to the top of the look in shirts, knitwear, t-shirts and jackets.


2 -Overlay

After simple combinations of jackets with a mesh or basic long sleeved t shirt, we went back to the overlays, with jackets over shirts over t-shirts, what changes is that the latter now count on the strengthening of the models of longline, influencing the composition, since they appear the same with the two pieces on top, giving greatest weight t-shirt in the combo. Another change is that add to the wardrobe and male parts with an influence in sports, giving new possibilities to the overlay and style.


3 – Stripes

Continue to wind on the stern, but it seems that we will see to explore new colors and widths, but do not be fooled nor throw away their t-shirts and knitwear, striped traditional still fills the shelves.


4 – ripped Jeans

They are always there, only it changes the size and location of the effect from one year to the other. This time the pictures of the most recent collections show a predilection for the ripped plot, or pants with rips at the knees, but not the one cutting that appears to made with razor – which caught out there and here did not do a good campaign – the tears are puídos and are entitled to the term “destroyed”.


5 – Military, new

It seems that the designers didn’t walk very creative in regards to themes, so they are trying to strive to be able to variations within the same subject. If you haven’t bought your parka or jacket military this may be the time.


6 – Bomber jacket

Many designer brands have brought a light jacket bomber and tried to emplacá it in the summer. Was not a hit, but the idea ended up paving the way for the piece in the autumn/winter 2017. The variations come with materials ranging from canvas to leather, and a palette of colors as well varied.


7 – large Chess

The plaid (tartan or madras) was very successful between 2010 and 2012, later opened space for the vichy and other versions that are smaller and more discrete, with the exception of the kind woodcutter who has always been there. As in fashion, everything ends up coming back sooner or later, the larger patterns seem to be rehearsing for a return, because their presence is already noticeable in many of the large networks of fast fashion.

Obs: who saved the shirts about 5 years ago did well!


8 – Jeans of course, with jeans of course

The jacket and the pants, both jeans and, of course, are rarely found, because in the summer, the season most common for the use of light denim, nobody thinks to put something heavy on top. Inverting the logic of winters past we are seeing a certain encouragement of the use of jeans of course multiplied by two, let’s see if the men are going to buy the idea.


9 – Suede

It is the only stand out when we look at the materials of the clothes. This is a fabric made of polyester with a finish that looks like suede and will be found in bombers and truckers jackets, mainly. It is cheaper than leather, but you can’t get closer to the fire, no way!


10 – Jacket doudoune

The one jacket that makes you look like the bonequinho of Michelin-starred already and was returned 3 times! But it really is a piece complicated: it increases too much the silhouette of the goose feathers are extremely hot and it is rare to be able to use them with the thermometer marking anything above 10 degrees, but it has there its appeal stylish and must conquer the taste of some.


Author’s note:

From march the stores start to receive the autumn and winter collections, some of the big networks are already with the shelves filled with the most warm and many of them already display the trends that were depicted here. The good part is that there’s nothing too fancy and most of what will be sold is can be saved for other years, we will not have many items of perishable or that will be out-dated, ensuring a good investment, especially if you are not the type that buys something, uses half a dozen times and throw it away.