10 Ideas for Mother’s Day: Special Gifts for a Special Person

If you still haven’t found that special gift, we suggest 10 ideas for mother’s day, that will amaze you!

10 Ideas for Mother's Day Special Gifts for a Special Person

It is already next Sunday, which celebrates the mother’s day – the perfect day for the queen there home to be treated as such!

But if you have not purchased or have not had the time to find the object perfect to demonstrate how important it is for you, we leave 10 ideas for mother’s day, that will amaze all tastes and sizes.

It is certain that the mothers are also completely melted with gifts, homemade, or home-made, as it reveals a special care and attention.

As such, we will give some hints in this direction also.



The Boutique of Watches brought together some of the pieces more symbolic for this Mother’s Day, preparing, as well, a collection full of meaning and beauty.

Our suggestion goes to the elegant bracelet , Alex And Ani Crescent Moon Brilliance, available for 35€.

The charms of the crescent moon will give good luck to your mother!


Why not give your mother a gift that will allow you to disconnect from the world and relax for a few hours? Thus, we propose a Ritual Exotic Full Body, available on the portal Odisseias, from 14,99€.

This is a massage of 45 minutes with the aroma of exotic fruits or chocolate, with the possibility of adding a scrub treatment, made with micro-particles of the nut shell and the acai berry which exfoliates gently the dead cells from the skin, preparing it for the nutrition with the massage oil and with a duration of 80 minutes.


Cases and kits for makeup, there are many, so if you’re going to opt for this gift, choose one that is as complete as possible, in terms of color palette, and applications.

We suggest, then, of the brand Markwins, The Color Workshop / Universe of Color Cosmetic Compact. U the set of makeup a lot of fun, with 60 shadows of eyes, 11 gloss lip, 1 eyeliner liquid,1 pencil for eyes, 1 lip pencil, 1 mask of eyelashes, and 8 applicators.

Costs 37,36€ and is available in Perfumes & Companhia.


If your mother is adept at cooking, then this workshop with the theme of mushrooms, which will take place the 19th of may from 19h to 23h, at school, Secrets & Kitchen, under the tutelage of chef Luis Francisco.

Will be provided all the ingredients for the preparation of the revenue that will be: Repolga in Olive oil and Garlic; Chinese Soup of Mushrooms; Penne with Pleurotus with Mushrooms; Pork Tenderloin; Revuelto with Mushrooms. Looks delicious!

  1. BOOKS

“A bomb of the IRA explodes during a transatlantic travel from Buckingham. How many passengers have lost their lives? When visiting his publisher in new york, Harry Clifton is to know that he was elected president of the PEN the british and immediately begins a campaign to free another writer, Anatoly Babakov, imprisoned in Siberia. For what crime?”

Suscitamos curiosity? So, just go to Bertrand and buy the book “mightier than the sword” by Jeffrey Archer, for 15,93€.


On the next day, May 22, Placido Domingo returns to Portugal for a unique concert that will count with the special participation of fado singer Katia Guerreiro.

The concert of Plácido Domingo will be accompanied by the Sinfonietta Orchestra of Lisbon, which, since its foundation in 1995, has already worked with big names in the music.

On stage, the famous artist will also be with the presence of the soprano Micaëla Oeste and with the special participation of Rita Marques. Tickets are available from 38€.


We have now entered in the gifts and custom hand made, that so many mothers appreciate.

The first suggestion is for a frame custom. Start by choosing the photo you want to use, print, and buy a simple frame with the proper size.

After that, the imagination is the limit: paint, put accessories such as flowers, dried leaves, bright…


Fill a jar a simple glass with messages beautiful for your mother.

You may write as much as you like her; how she is important to you, remember the moments in which her help was important to feel better, to remember the fun times… So, your mother will be able to take a message for the day, or whenever you need to, to feel loved!


Currently already on sale lots of mugs, different, irreverent, fun, with messages that are quite nice. But if you cannot find one that is to your liking, then, customize one to your liking.

You can even prepare an image and send to print directly on the mug.

Every morning, while having breakfast, his mother will remember this one so special.


And since we are talking about in coffee, what would be Mother’s Day if you do not prepare a special breakfast, with the favorite foods?

Be pancakes, orange juice, yogurt, cereals, fruit, croissants… in This day there is no diet!