10 Benefits of Tai Chi Chuan for Health and How to Practice 1

10 Benefits of Tai Chi Chuan for Health and How to Practice

Tai Chi Chuan is a chinese martial art practiced with movements performed slowly and in silence, providing the drive energy of the body and stimulating the body awareness, concentration and tranquility.

This practice stimulates both physical and mental. Its main benefits are:

  1. Enhance the vitality, with more provision and energy for the day-to-day;
  2. Strengthen the muscles;
  3. To improve the balance;
  4. The increase in the concentration;
  5. Decrease the muscle tension;
  6. To improve the flexibility of the joints;
  7. Relieve stress and fight depression;
  8. To balance the emotions;
  9. To stimulate social interaction;
  10. Stimulate the nervous system and the immune.

Tai Chi can be practiced by any person, being recommended to use shoes that are soft and comfortable clothing, that does not get in the way of the realization of the movements. It can also be practiced in any location, but preferably in the open air.

This practice is also known as meditation in motion, and is very accomplished both as a sport and self-defence, but also for therapeutic purposes, because their exercises bring benefits such as correct posture, balance, and strength, in addition to harmonising the emotions and combat mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression.

Tai Chi Chuan is a martial arts the most simple and easy to make, and can be practiced by anyone and begin at any age, including being very suitable for the elderly.

Benefits of Tai Chi Chuan for seniors

Tai Chi Chuan is an exercise ideal for seniors, since it is a martial art of low-impact and that do not have restrictions, bringing various benefits such as to avoid the loss of muscle strength, increase bone strength and improve balance and flexibility, decreasing the risk of falls and fractures. Learn what the old man should do to help prevent the loss of muscle mass.

This martial art is also a physical activity that decreases the pain caused by arthritis, arthrosis, and muscle contractures. Heart health can also be improved with this practice, which, moreover, brings benefits to the psychological health, enhancing well-being, serenity, and tranquility.

How to start practicing

Tai Chi Chuan is practiced with the combination of movements, that have the objective of promoting the circulation of vital energy in the body, called Chi Kung. These movements should be performed smoothly and in a state of full mental attention.

Thus, the practice involves the combination of breathing, martial arts moves, such as punches and kicks, and the concentration of the mind. It is possible to practice this martial art alone or, preferably, driven by a professional in group classes.

The skill of the movements is achieved to a few, so it is necessary to practice regularly. Generally, Tai Chi Chuan is practiced with a slow pace, so that you can make the moves with precision, and as you become more experienced, it is possible to practice with more speed.

10 Benefits of Tai Chi Chuan for Health and How to Practice 1