Altoona, Alabama Population, Schools and Places of Interest

Altoona, Alabama is situated in the western end of Blount County, just north of Birmingham. It is surrounded by several other cities and towns, each of which offers its own unique attractions and amenities. To the east lies Oneonta, a small city with a population of about 5,800. Oneonta is well known for its historic downtown area, which features numerous shops and restaurants. There are also several parks in the area such as Lion’s Park and Silver Creek Park that offer plenty of outdoor activities. To the south is Hayden, a town with a population of around 1,500 people. Hayden has many attractions to offer including a golf course, nature trails, and an equestrian center. Further south is Cleveland, another small town with an estimated population of 1,200 people. Cleveland is home to numerous historical sites such as the Blount County Courthouse and the Historic Downtown Square which boast plenty of unique shopping opportunities as well as restaurants and cafes. Finally, to the west lies Locust Fork which has a population of approximately 600 people. The city features several parks such as Locust Fork Park where visitors can enjoy beautiful views from atop Lookout Mountain or explore trails along Choccolocco Creek.

Altoona, Alabama

Population of Altoona, Alabama

Altoona, Alabama is a small city located in the western end of Blount County, just north of Birmingham. As of the 2020 census, Altoona has an estimated population of 1,831 people. The city is primarily made up of families and retirees who enjoy small-town living with access to the amenities of a larger city. According to recent data, the median age in Altoona is 39.2 years old with a gender ratio that slightly favors women (51% female/49% male). The racial makeup of Altoona is 97.2% White, 0.9% African American, 0.3% Native American, 0.1% Asian and 1.5% other races.

The majority of residents in Altoona are employed in white-collar professions such as management and sales while blue-collar jobs make up only 15 percent of the workforce. The average household income for residents in Altoona is $58,899 per year which is slightly less than the national average but still higher than many other cities in Blount County. In terms of education level, 87 percent of adults aged 25 years and older have earned at least a high school diploma or equivalent while nearly 10 percent have obtained a bachelor’s degree or higher level degree from an accredited college or university.

Schools and Education in Altoona, Alabama

Altoona, Alabama is served by the Blount County School System which is home to seven elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools. The city also has two private schools that offer alternative educational options for families in the area. Altoona Elementary School, located in the heart of the city, is one of the oldest and most respected elementary institutions in Blount County. The school offers a variety of academic programs such as language arts, math and science as well as music and art classes. Altoona Middle School serves grades 6-8 with a focus on preparing students for success in high school and beyond. The school has several extra-curricular activities such as athletics, debate club and choir which help foster teamwork among students.

According to ANDYEDUCATION.COM, Altoona High School is one of the largest institutions in Blount County with over 900 students enrolled from grades 9-12. The school offers a variety of courses including Advanced Placement classes that give students an opportunity to earn college credit while still attending high school. Other extracurricular activities at Altoona High include sports teams, band and theater programs, student government organizations and volunteer opportunities. In addition to public schools, there are two private institutions in Altoona – First Baptist Christian Academy and St Mary’s Catholic School – that provide educational options for families who want a faith-based education or smaller class sizes for their children.

Overall, education is highly valued by residents of Altoona with many parents actively involved in their children’s academic progress through volunteerism or other forms of support such as tutoring or mentoring programs. The city also places a strong emphasis on continuing education with several local colleges offering adult classes or degree programs for those wishing to further their studies or career goals.

Places of Interest in Altoona, Alabama

Altoona, Alabama is home to many attractions and places of interest. For those looking to explore the outdoors, the city is surrounded by several parks and natural areas such as the Coon Creek Nature Trail and Mount Cheaha State Park. The nearby Locust Fork River offers fishing, swimming, boating and camping opportunities. Altoona is also a great destination for history buffs with several historic sites in the area including the Blount County Courthouse which was built in 1835.

The city has several museums visitors can explore such as the Blount County Heritage Museum which offers a look into local history and culture through its displays of artifacts from Native American tribes who once inhabited the area. Other museums include the Appalachian Music Museum which celebrates music from this region of Alabama as well as a local art museum that showcases works from regional artists.

The downtown area of Altoona is also home to many unique shops and restaurants that reflect its rural character. Visitors can find everything from antiques stores to specialty boutiques selling locally-made items or handmade crafts. There are also several popular eateries in town such as McClain’s BBQ which serves up delicious Southern-style dishes like ribs and smoked chicken or The Hangar Bistro which specializes in gourmet burgers made with fresh ingredients.

Finally, no trip to Altoona would be complete without visiting one of its annual festivals like the Blount County Fair where locals come together for carnival rides, live music performances, arts & crafts vendors and other exciting activities. Overall, this small city has plenty of things to offer visitors looking for an authentic southern experience in Alabama!

Altoona, Alabama Population, Schools and Places of Interest
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