The 10 Coldest Places on Earth

Summer holidays on the beach, the sun is shining from the sky, cocktails by the sea and swimwear wherever you look – that’s not for you? The ten coldest places on earth offer a strong contrast program – which, however, should not necessarily be suitable for a vacation or even just for people to stay:

Weather and Climate

  1. The East Antarctic Plateau – The coldest place on earth

It has not been certain for so long: the coldest temperature ever recorded on earth was recorded at this location. At least minus 93.2 ° C. minus. It is impossible for people to live here, even without a protective suit and breathing apparatus. The temperature measurement was made by satellite.

  1. Vostok Weather Station, Antarctica

At this Russian weather station we find the coldest temperature ever measured with a thermometer: minus 89.2 ° C. In midsummer 1983.

  1. Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica

This research station is one of the ten coldest places on earth, at which minus 82.8 ° C has already been measured. In midsummer there are over 100 South Pole researchers – only very few of them stay through the winter.

  1. Oymyakon in Siberia

The small Siberian village was considered the coldest place in the world until 2013. At minus 71.2 ° C, it is still 20 ° C warmer here than in East Antarctica – a few hundred people have even settled here. In summer it sometimes gets up to 30 ° C warm.

  1. North Ice, Grönland

Also a research station, located on a huge glacier, the Greenland Ice Sheet. In 1954, the cold record for this place was set at minus 65.9 ° C.

  1. Snag, Canada

In this small village in the Canadian Yukon, which is considered the coldest place on the entire American continent, a temperature of minus 63 ° C was measured in the winter of 1947. Although there was still a well-functioning gold rush settlement here in the 19th century, it has now been almost completely emptied. The gold diggers left behind a ghost town of the cold, over which, by the way, a small airplane disappeared in 1950, the remains of which could never be found.

  1. Eureka, Canada

Now we are making big steps into the habitable temperature areas. The weather station on the northernmost island in Canada measures down to minus 40 ° C in winter. In summer the temperatures rarely climb to more than minus 20.

  1. Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator), Mongolei

According to Trackaah, the Mongolian capital is considered to be the coldest capital in the world. The annual average temperature is only minus 2 ° C, in winter it can get down to minus 25 ° C. Officially, the city has almost 1.5 million inhabitants, which is almost half of the total population of Mongolia. However, many of these people are only in the capital to winter and roam the country in the remaining months.

  1. Astana, Kazakhstan

In the Kazakh capital, it is not as cold on average as in Ulaanbaatar, but in individual cases it can get down to minus 40 ° C at night. The absolute minimum temperature measured was minus 52 ° C. After all, the second coldest capital in the world.

  1. Funtensee, Germany

It doesn’t always have to be a different continent for such incredibly cold temperatures. Here in Germany, too, it can get very frosty at times. At Funtensee, in the Berchtesgaden National Park in Bavaria, it was minus 45.9 ° C in 2001 – not the only cold record recorded here, just the highest so far. Due to its unique basin location, it is also considerably colder at the lake than in the areas directly surrounding it. The largest temperature difference between the lake and areas already only 100 meters higher was 27 ° C in 2000.

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