Professional Cosmetic Brushes Set 24 Pieces Pink Handle Makeup Kits


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Product Description
  • Professional dressers’ essential kits
  • All-round 24 pieces brushes
  • Make a perfect look by this set
  • High-quality and affordable prices
  • Available in pink color



Makeup brushes set





Brush materials

Fiber hair, horse hair

Brush handle material


Product code




  1. Large fan brush(fiber hair), 20.7cm length, 3.7cm brush length, 10.5cm brush width
  2. Powder brush(fiber hair), 21cm length, 4.5cm brush length, 5.3cm brush width
  3. Blush brush(fiber hair), 19.9cm length, 3.9cm brush length, 3.5cm brush width
  4. Contour brush(fiber hair), 20cm length, 3.5cm brush length, 3.6cm brush width
  5. Foundation brush(silk hair), 19.3cm length, 2.8cm brush length, 2cm brush width
  6. Highlight contour brush(pony hair), 19.7cm length, 1.6cm brush length, 1.5cm brush width
  7. Large shadow brush(pony hair), 19.9cm length, 1.5cm brush length, 1.5cm brush width
  8. Middle eye shadow brush(pony hair), 18.6cm length, 1.4cm brush length, 1.3cm brush width
  9. Large eye shadow (fiber hair), 19.7cm length, 1.5cm brush length, 1.4cm brush width
  10. Middle shadow brush(fiber hair), 18.8cm length, 1.4cm brush length, 1.2cm brush width
  11. Smudge brush(fiber hair), 17.5cm length, 0.9cm brush length, 0.4cm brush width
  12. Eye contour brush(pony hair), 18.4cm length, 1.1cm brush length, 1cm brush width
  13. Angle eye brush(fiber hair), 18.8cm length, 1.1cm brush length, 1cm brush width
  14. Short eye shadow(fiber hair), 18.8cm length, 1.1cm brush length, 0.95cm brush width
  15. Fan brush(fiber hair), 19.9cm length, 3cm brush length, 5.5cm brush width
  16. Liner brush(fiber hair), 17.5cm length, 0.9cm brush length, 0.4cm brush width
  17. Lip brush(fiber hair), 17.9cm length, 0.7cm stick length, 0.6cm stick width
  18. Angle eyebrow brush(fiber hair), 17cm length, 0.7cm brush length, 0.6cm brush width
  19. Concealer brush(fiber hair), 18.1cm length, 1.2cm brush length, 0.5cm brush width
  20. Precise eye liner brush(fiber hair), 17.6cm length, 1.2cm brush length, 0.3cm brush width
  21. Sponge applicator(sponge), 18cm length, 1cm brush length, 0.9cm brush width
  22. Lash brush(fiber hair), 19.5cm length, 2.5cm brush length, 0.9cm brush width
  23. Sponge eye shadow(sponge), 18cm length, 0.7cm brush length, 0.6cm brush width
  24. Eyebrow comb, 19cm length, 3cm comb length, 2cm comb width

Net weight


Packaging size

24.2cm x 14cm x 3.6cm


24 x Makeup brushes


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